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We will accept self-referrals and referrals from any professional.  We will also work with insurance companies and employee assistance plans to provide services suited to each set of needs.  Our services are non-OHIP covered but extended health insurance may apply.  

We are a multidisciplinary team including psychologists and social workers.  All therapists have received specialized training in cognitive behaviour therapy.

Treatment Areas include: depression, stress, anxiety, addictions (drug/alcohol), chronic pain, health anxiety, grief, bereavement, neuropsychological testing

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We will provide a short or long term approach.  We work with our patients toward symptom relief and achieving their unique goals, whether they are interpersonal, occupational or something in between.

We complete a detailed initial assessment to thoroughly understand the problems faced by each individual.

Therapy is then tailored to the person's needs and goals.  Sessions are offered as frequently as needed for either short or long term.  

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